The Website is now part of

The Website is now part of and does not longer exists.

We archived some Content for you:

WorkingForChange is an online journal of progressive news and opinion published by Working Assets. Visit on a daily basis to read the latest dispatches from nationally syndicated reporters and columnists including Molly Ivins, Robert Scheer, and Greg Palast. Visit WorkingForChange or contact us for more information.

ActForChange allows individuals to speak out on urgent issues of the day found on our news site such as gun violence and environmental degradation. We give you a direct link to the decision-makers who can make a difference on these issues-free of charge. Visit ActForChange or contact us for more information.

Founded on the belief that building a business and a better world aren’t mutually exclusive, Working Assets has been helping busy people make a difference since 1985. It’s a belief that’s generated over $50 million in donations to nonprofits working for peace, equality, human rights, education and a cleaner environment. And the process is simple. You just sign up for our long distance, credit card or wireless services and we donate a portion of your monthly charges to the causes you help select – at no extra cost to you. So why not change to Working Assets? You can rest assured it will be a change for the better.