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Where to get a full bred shiba inu

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Where to Get a Full Bred Shiba Inu: Your Ultimate Guide

If you're searching for a full bred Shiba Inu, you've come to the right place! This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information you need to find a reputable source for your beloved new pup. Whether you're a first-time Shiba Inu owner or a seasoned enthusiast, this resource will assist you in making an informed decision and ensure a positive experience.

I. Benefits of Where to Get a Full Bred Shiba Inu:

  1. Trusted Breeders: Our guide directs you to trusted breeders who specialize in breeding purebred Shiba Inus. These breeders prioritize the health, temperament, and overall well-being of the dogs, ensuring you receive a happy and healthy pup.

  2. Verified Bloodlines: By choosing a reputable source, you can be confident that your Shiba Inu comes from verified and documented bloodlines. This ensures the authenticity and purity of the breed, meeting your expectations for a full bred Shiba Inu.

  3. Health Guarantees: Reputable breeders often provide health guarantees for their puppies. This means that your Shiba Inu will be free from any genetic or hereditary disorders, giving you

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How much is a full breed Shiba Inu?

$1,400 to $3,500 The average cost of a purebred Shiba Inu can range from $1,400 to $3,500, depending on the kennel and if the puppies come from champion stock. The breeder price tag may include microchipping, vaccinations, and spaying or neutering.

Can I get a Shiba Inu in the US?

Shibas are fairly common in the United States. Out of 189 breeds in the American Kennel Club, where 1 is most popular and 189 is least popular, Shibas rank 44th. Unfortunately, their popularity is largely based on their convenient size, appealing appearance, and reputation for being easy to housebreak.

How can you tell if a Shiba Inu is purebred?

Shiba Inus have distinct traits such as a curled tail, a fox-like appearance, and a confident, spirited demeanor. Additionally, reputable breeders can provide documentation and pedigrees that trace the lineage of the puppy, which can help confirm its purebred status.

Where are Shiba Inus bred?

Japan Shiba Inu
Shiba Inu breed facts
area of originJapan
breed groupnon-sporting
height at withers13.5–16.5 (34–42 cm)
weight17–23 pounds (8–11 kg)

Are Shiba Inus high maintenance?

Shiba Inu's are generally clean dogs which can make them relatively low maintenance. However, Shiba's are capable of large amounts of shedding, predominantly during Spring and Autumn, while their coat does not require trimming. It is recommended to brush your Shiba once a week to remove the extra hair.

Are white Shiba Inus rare?

White Shiba Inus are considered a rare color variation and are not officially recognized by major kennel clubs, such as the American Kennel Club (AKC) or the Japan Kennel Club (JKC). They often have a cream or off-white coat, with some variations in shading around the ears or face.

Frequently Asked Questions

What color Shiba is rare?

#1 Blue Shiba Inu The most common Shiba Inu coat colors are red, cream, black and tan, and sesame. The blue Shiba Inu is the rarest of all Shiba coat colors. Their blue coat color is not actually blue at all, but it is a diluted black pigmentation that appears grey or blue in the sunlight.

How much does a Shiba Inu cost in the US?

$1,500 to $3,000 Conclusion. To sum up, the cost of a Shiba Inu can vary due to various factors, including the breeder's reputation, location, and age. Typically, the cost of a Shiba Inu puppy ranges from $1,500 to $3,000. However, additional expenses such as vet bills, adoption fees, dog food, and pet insurance must be considered.

Why are Shiba Inus so expensive?

The growing demand for Shiba Inu puppies has led to a supply shortage from ethical breeders, paving the way for puppy mills and backyard breeders who often compromise animal well-being. Additionally, the shortage also affected the cost of purchasing a Shiba — and not in the way you're probably hoping it did.

How do you know if a Shiba Inu breeder is reputable?

Reputable breeders will be happy to show proof of health screenings such as Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) and OFA Companion Animal Eye Registry (CAER) certificates. They will also explain any health conditions that typically affect that particular breed so you know what to watch out for in the long term.


How do I find the perfect breeder?
Most reliable breeders earn their reputation by providing healthy pups to good homes resulting in “word of mouth” references. Meet breeders at local dog shows or look online for local breed clubs and review the AKC Breeder Referral page on their website
How do I know if my Shiba Inu is purebred?
If it's an adorable little arsehole, it's probably pure shiba. But seriously … you can't tell for sure without a DNA test. Puppy mill and backyard breeding means that even purebred shibas aren't necessarily true to type these days. There's variation in size, face shape, and coat texture.
How do you tell if a breeder is scamming you?
Scammers will often use stolen photos of adorable puppies they've found on other postings, such as ads from past legitimate sales. They will not meet you face-to-face. Scammers will most likely only communicate by email or text where they can hide their true identity behind a fake account or proxy server.

Where to get a full bred shiba inu

Can you get Shiba Inus in America? Brought to America from Japan as recently as 60 years ago, Shibas are growing in popularity in the West and are already the most popular breed in their homeland. Their white markings combined with their coloring (red, red sesame, or black and tan) and their alert expression and smooth stride makes them almost foxlike.
How much is a Shiba Inu dog in USA? $1,400 to $3,500 The average cost of a purebred Shiba Inu can range from $1,400 to $3,500, depending on the kennel and if the puppies come from champion stock. The breeder price tag may include microchipping, vaccinations, and spaying or neutering. Shiba Inus may also be available for adoption from shelters.
Where can Shiba Inus be found? It is now primarily kept as a pet both in Japan and abroad. According to the American Kennel Club, the Shiba Inu is the number one companion dog in Japan.
  • When were Shiba Inus brought to America?
    • 1954 The first Shiba Inu brought to the United States arrived with an American armed forces family in 1954. That's more than 2,150 years after it was born in Japan!
  • Are sesame Shibas rare?
    • Sesame is the rarest color for the Shiba Inu. It's a complex pattern and has several requirements to be considered true sesame color. If there's too much - or too little - black in the coat, the dog would be penalized in the show ring.
  • How many Shiba for $1,000 dollars?
    • USD to Shiba Inu
      1000 USD94,250,706.88 SHIB
      5000 USD471,253,534.40 SHIB
      10000 USD942,507,068.80 SHIB
      50000 USD4,712,535,344.015 SHIB